Editorial Policy

The main aphorism of our channel is “Redefining Digital Journalism.” True Scoop aims to break the myth about Digital Journalism by providing unbiased, authentic news and intriguing content that makes people think deeply. The purpose of True Scoop is to change the way individuals, especially the youth, interact with digital media.

True Scoop aims to stay true to the essence of journalism. In doing so, we will have zero tolerance to all forms of yellow journalism, unnecessary sensationalizing issues, fabrication of facts and blowing news out of proportion. No content will be published without verifying the facts through credible sources first. The core values of True Scoop are based on ethics, honesty, accuracy, authenticity and impartiality.

We will also refrain from any form of obscenity or vulgarity on our channel. Any sort of vulgar content, related to any issue like Bollywood, Hollywood or Pollywood, will not be shared on our channel for the sole purpose of gaining views or engagement.

Despite being a digital platform, True Scoop will incorporate elements of traditional journalism that truly enrich the profession. Extensive ground reporting through a network of journalists along with reliable news agencies like UNI, ANI will be used to deliver any news or article. While delivering the story, we will answer 5W’s (What, Who, When, Where, Why) and H (How) in order to impart the readers with maximum information for them to form their opinion on an issue. In doing so, True Scoop will keep a neutral position and aim to encompass all sides of the stories and all stakeholders pertaining to the story.

Social Media will not be used as a credible source of information for any feature on True Scoop. We shall also steer clear of any strong biases that may affect our reporting of the story. No favoritism will be there in our news and we will make our articles as unbiased as humanly possible.

However, going a step ahead of the traditional media system, True Scoop will also change the tone and language in which we deliver. While formulating content, brevity and clarity will be the focus of the reporter. Our visual and textual content would be high quality, distinct from typical platforms, thought provoking and creative. For maximum transparency, all our news articles shall have by-lines. Most stories will be done as inverted pyramids where important facts will be provided in the beginning to inform the reader. Rigorous Proof-Reading will ensure that all our content is backed with facts and has a solid base.

We shall cautiously exercise the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression while balancing it with our responsibility towards our audience lest to offend or hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly. We also encourage citizen journalism and highly appreciate our readers, especially the youth, stepping in with ingenious ideas on how to combat with some of the current problems that our economy and the world are facing.

While formulating content and devising editorial strategies, human interest will be kept in mind. We shall cover different beats wistfully so as to cater to individuals with different interests. Overall, through all our editorial decisions, our main aim would be to create impact and bring about socio-economic change through action-oriented journalism.