MUMBAI: On Thursday, a major fire broke out in a 15-storey residential building in Tilak Nagar. Consequently, five persons, including four senior citizens lost their lives and five people were injured. Three of the victims seem to have died of smoke inhalation.

     Short circuit has been suspected as the cause of fire, said a fire officer. The building fire fighting system wasn’t working, he added. The blaze had started in 11th floor flat in Sargam Society B wing which belonged to S Meghpuria around 7.50pm. It spread after a cylinder exploded which trapped the residents on the upper floors. Smoke spread through the entire building, though people on the lower floors were able to walk out safely.

    The building had been recently redeveloped. Despite this, poor planning has meant that access lanes for the fire brigade continue to remain narrow, a major factor to be blamed for Thursday casualties.

    A resident said, “The owner of the flat where the fire started rushed down to call others for help. But upon his return, he found that the entire flat. After that a cylinder explosion occurred, spreading the fire”.  A neighbour said, “We came to rescue, but were unable to do anything. People on the lower floors were downstairs, but those on the upper floors were trapped”.


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