Hospital is a downhearted place, especially for children and to cheer up these young patients a hospital of Canada decided to surprise them. They welcomed several superheroes to cheer up their kid patients. Spiderman, Hulk, Iron man and more other superheroes visited the hospital to brighten up the kids. 

Kingston General Hospital’s Paediatric Unit shared several pictures of their ‘Superhero Day’ on Twitter. In the pictures posted on the micro-blogging website, the employees of the Elite Window Cleaning Company are dressed up as superheroes and are being suspended from the roof of the building. 

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The tweet posted by the hospital unit official handle read, “Our healthcare heroes received some back-up today - superheroes brought smiles to the faces of our youngest patients. Staff from Elite Window Company rappelled down the building to not only fight grime but bring much-needed fun & distraction to patients, family & staff.”

Have a look at the post:

Young patients were surprised to see superheroes on the windows of the hospital. One of the patients told Canadian media website, “I saw the Hulk and Iron man and (Batman) and Captain Marvel and Spider-Man.”

Netizens loved and appreciated the efforts done by the hospital. Here are some of the reactions of Twitter users. One of the netizens commented, “Why are people cutting onions?” Another netizen commented, “This is so heartwarming, awesome of @EliteWindowC to do this to lift the spirits of these young patients,” and the third user wrote, “This is so cute.”

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The comment section is filled with red hearts, take a look at the comments by netizens:

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