7 things that are banned at the FIFA World Cup 2022


No Pork

Pork is banned in Qatar, and no pork-based items will be on the food menu

No Pork

Ham, bacon, sausages, etc will not be available. Only meat that is considered halal will be served

No removing shirts

Spectators at the stadiums are not allowed to ‘remove items of clothing or otherwise remain in a state of undress’

No removing shirts

'No removing shirts' has been mentioned in the advisory given to ticket holders

No live-in relationships

If you are an unmarried couple that is traveling to Qatar, you and your partner will not be allowed to share the same room in the hotel. Apart from this, sex toys are also prohibited

No same-sex couples

Same-sex relations between men can lead to punishments like imprisonment and deportation and same-sex relations between women are also not permissible

No balloons, loud music instruments, cigarettes

Balloons and inflatable balls have been banned in the stadiums. Similarly, musical instruments that cause a loud noise, cigarettes and vapes are also prohibited.

Pride Flag

Raising a pride flag – that which represents a segment of the LGBT community – is also prohibited at the FIFA World Cup 2022.

No holy books

No visitor is allowed to carry any religious books with him/her into the country.