7 Best low-cost investment business ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

Tired of your 9 to 5 job and thinking of trying a hand at business, well that might be a tough call to take but a brave indeed a brave move to carve out a great life ahead for yourself.

Business Ideas

Low on funds? We have 7 great business tips that you might take up ahead and can be established at a fairly low investment.


Investing in the food business is the best where you get multiple options and cuisines to try your hands on in order to make the best out of it starting on a fairly mild note in the business.


The best in this segment coaching and tutoring industry is booming like no other business and is a multi-million industry where small players are also turning their ventures into decent establishments.


Low-cost clothing-related businesses include tailoring, embroidery and crochet work, children's and ladies' garment shops, online cloth selling, laundry, and dry cleaning, etc.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance include a wide range of options right from House Cleaning, Corporate Cleaning Services, Home and Corporate Maintenance, and Repair Services, which are huge in demand.


Salons are also huge in demand and hiring professionals in them after making minimal investments can ensure a pretty fine push in scripting your business journey ahead.

Interior Designing

Nowadays, more and more people in cities prefer to design and get their home furniture made with the help of 'interior decorators'. Business in this domain holds a great prospect of improvement in the future.

Daily Need Items

Daily home-based needs include manufacturing, production, and sale of daily-use items like candles, soaps/detergents, mosquito coils, incense sticks, laces, buttons, disposable plates and cups, art pieces, and more.