Sep 15 , 2023

Alia Bhatt’s Culinary Choices: Her Top 5 Favorite Wanderlust Spots

By True Scoop

New York City, USA: The bustling streets and diverse cuisine of NYC appeal to Alia’s adventurous spirit, making it a favorite city to explore.

Ranikhet, India: Alia finds tranquility in Ranikhet, amidst the serene beauty of the Himalayan hill station, making it a preferred destination for relaxation.

Maldives: She shares picturesque moments from the Maldives, showcasing her love for luxurious beachfront getaways and tropical paradise.

London, United Kingdom: Alia is drawn to London’s vibrant culture, historic charm, and diverse culinary scene, making it one of her frequent travel destinations.

Alia Bhatt would be drawn to the vibrant streets of Marrakech, where she could explore the bustling souks and savor traditional Moroccan cuisine.