Alia Bhatt’s Culinary Choices: Her Top 5 Favorite Wanderlust Spots

London, United Kingdom: Alia is drawn to London’s vibrant culture, historic charm, and diverse culinary scene, making it one of her frequent travel destinations.

Maldives: She shares picturesque moments from the Maldives, showcasing her love for luxurious beachfront getaways and tropical paradise.

Ranikhet, India: Alia finds tranquility in Ranikhet, amidst the serene beauty of the Himalayan hill station, making it a preferred destination for relaxation.

New York City, USA: The bustling streets and diverse cuisine of NYC appeal to Alia’s adventurous spirit, making it a favorite city to explore.

Kenya, Africa: Alia explores Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes and wildlife through safaris and adventures, highlighting her love for nature and wildlife experiences.