Apr 18 , 2024

8 Amazing Cameos That Made Movies Blockbuster

By True Scoop

Rajnikanth- RaOne: It was his iconic character from "Enthiran" where he interacts with Shah Rukh Khan's character

Bill Murray- Zombieland: He pretended to be a zombie to mess with the main characters, adding comedic touch to the film

Mike Tyson- The Hangover: It involved a funny encounter where he knocks out one of the main characters

Shah Rukh Khan- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: He added depth and emotion to the narrative through his brief but impactful appearances.

Irrfan Khan- Haider: He contributed significantly to the film's dark and complex atmosphere

Donald Grover- Spideman Homecoming: Small-time uncle to Miles Morales, hinting at potential future storylines

Stephen King IT- Chapter 2: He played the role of a shopkeeper who sells Bill Denbrough his old bike

Tripti Dimri- Animal: She portrayed a character entangled in a web of relationships and intrigue

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