Amritsari Sweets Unveiled: More than Just Jalebis - Quick Recipes in Less Than 10 Minutes

Quick Amritsari Gulab Jamun: Discover the sweetness of Amritsari gulab jamun with this speedy recipe, ready in less than 10 minutes.

Effortless Amritsari Malpua: Satisfy your sweet tooth with an easy-to-make Amritsari malpua that captures the essence of the city’s sweets.

Express Amritsari Phirni: Enjoy the creamy goodness of Amritsari phirni, a quick dessert that’s a delightful addition to your menu.

10-Minute Amritsari Pinni: Try the traditional Amritsari pinni, a sweet treat that’s made effortlessly and perfect for any occasion.

Quick Amritsari Atte Ka Halwa: Complete your Amritsari sweets journey with a speedy atte ka halwa, a warm and comforting dessert ready in minutes