Jun 24 , 2024

8 Ancient Universities of India

By True Scoop

Nalanda University: Renowned for Buddhist studies, established in the 5th century in Bihar.

Takshashila University: Ancient learning center in modern-day Pakistan, flourished around 600 BCE.

Vikramshila University: Established by King Dharmapala in the 8th century for advanced Buddhist education.

Valabhi University: Prominent in the 6th century, located in Gujarat, known for diverse subjects.

Somapura Mahavihara: Founded by Dharmapala in Bengal, notable for its architectural grandeur.

Odantapuri University: Established in the 8th century in Bihar, a significant center for Buddhist learning.

Jagaddala University: Founded by the Pala Dynasty in Bengal, contributed to Buddhist texts.

Pushpagiri University: Located in Odisha, flourished from the 3rd century, known for its Vedic studies.