Anti-Valentine's Week; Complete 7 days list

While Valentine's Week begins on February 7, many braces up well to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Week starting which begins on February 15 and includes a range of other awkward celebrations.

Here is a complete list of all the days falling in Anti-Valentine's Week and the dates that follow.

Slap Day-Feb 15th: Slap away the feelings for your ex who cheated on you or a past relationship and set off on a new journey ahead in life.

Kick Day-Feb 16th: Kick away all the bad vibes and toxic feelings that rip you from within, not just your relationships anything that you have once encountered and move ahead with all the happiness and zeal.

Perfume Day-Feb 17th: People present themselves with the best fragrance perfumes in order to get past all the poor and horrific ordeals they have suffered over the years.

Flirting Day-Feb 18th: If you have been waiting to ask someone out, Flirting Day celebrated on February 18 is the best Anti-Valentine's Day to do so.

Confession Day-February 19th: The day is called Confession Day. Open up to someone and confess to them how you feel.

Missing Day-February 20th: The second last day of Anti-valentines Week is Missing Day. Tell anyone with whom you wish to have a shared inclination that you are missing them and express what you feel.

Break up Day-February 21st: Completely tired of being in a toxic relationship that has hindered your mental stability over the days. Breakup Day is the right opportunity to choose freedom.