Oct 03 , 2023

Anushka Sharma's 5 Heartwarming moments with Virat Kohli

By True Scoop

Candid Vacation Pics: Their candid vacation photos capture tender moments, reminding us of their love away from the limelight.

Supportive Cheers: Anushka cheering for Virat at cricket matches, whether from the stands or on social media, exemplifies unwavering support.

Parenthood Joy: Anushka and Virat's announcement of becoming parents brought smiles and warm wishes from fans worldwide.

Wedding Bliss: Their fairytale wedding in Tuscany, Italy, was a heartwarming union of love, grace, and star-studded celebrations.

Explore Anushka Sharma's 5 Heartwarming Moments with Virat Kohli: A Glimpse into Their Adorable Relationship.