Anxiety-Busting Habits: 10 Practices to Take Control
By True Scoop

Deep, mindful breaths activate your body's built-in chill switch, calming your nervous system and easing that anxious hum.

Exercise is your anxiety's kryptonite. Get your blood pumping, release tension, and watch those mood-boosting chemicals work their magic.

A consistent sleep schedule is your fortress against anxiety. Make sleep a priority, and watch your resilience soar in the morning light.

Moderate caffeine consumption to avoid exacerbating anxiety symptoms.

Plan your day for a sense of control and reduced uncertainty.

The ultimate chill pill. Train your mind to be present, not prisoner to racing thoughts.

Consume a well-rounded diet to support overall mental health.

Set realistic limits on workload and commitments to avoid overwhelm.

Cultivate a positive mindset through affirming self-talk.

Mental health professionals are your allies in the fight against anxiety.

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