Assamese Aromas: 8 Lesser-Known Recipes from the Northeast a must try

Chhenapoda Odia Cheesecake: Explore the delightful world of Chhenapoda, a caramelized cheese dessert from Odisha, and learn how to make this budget-friendly treat at home.

Malpua with Rabri: Savor the sweet goodness of Malpua, deep-fried pancakes soaked in sugar syrup, served with creamy rabri, a decadent dessert that’s easy on the wallet.

Til Laddu Sesame Seed Sweets: Experience the nutty and aromatic flavors of Til Laddu, sweet sesame seed balls often prepared during festivals and celebrations.

Gaja Assamese Delight: Delve into the sweet simplicity of Gaja, a fried pastry soaked in sugar syrup, showcasing Assam’s love for uncomplicated yet delicious desserts.

Rasabali Odia Sweet Discs: Enjoy the soft and sweet Rasabali discs, flavored with cardamom and served with fragrant syrup, a must-try Odia dessert that won’t break the bank.

Khaja Crispy Sweet: Discover the joy of Khaja, a flaky and crispy sweet that’s both easy to make and easy on the pocket, perfect for festive occasions.

Labongo Latika Bengali Sweet Parcel: Explore the art of making Labongo Latika, a delightful pastry filled with sweetened khoya and sealed in a clove-scented parcel, a budget-friendly treat.

Khar Raw Papaya Delight: Experience the unique flavors of Khar, a traditional alkaline dessert made with raw papaya and pulses, showcasing Assamese culinary creativity without the extravagance.