Benefits of 'Electra Stumps' that made debut at BBL 2023
By True Scoop

The colour flashing 'Electra' wicket stumps, which previously were used in Women's BBL, made their debut in BBL 2023.

The highlight of these stump is the flashing of different shades and combinations of colours that indicate a decision.

These decisions could be a no-ball, a wicket, a boundary or even the time out between overs.

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan was a part of the unveiling of the new stumps before the start of the game.

If Out – Stumps will flash red and then fire colour.

If Boundary (four) – Colour shift (all colours flash in alternate pattern)

If Six – All colours move upwards

If No-ball: Red and white lights scroll along the stumps

Between overs: A pulse between the purple and blue scroll.

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