May 08 , 2024

10 Best Books by Rabindranath Tagore

By True Scoop

Gitanjali (Song Offerings): Its English translation earned him a Nobel Prize in Literature

The Home and the World: Illustrating a battle within about embracing & rejecting western culture

Chokher Bali: Showcases the complications of various relationships.

The Kabuliwala: A fruit seller’s tale highlighting fatherly love and compassion

Gora: A story set in 1880s Calcutta tackling Identity, religion, and social reform narrative.

Sadhana: Essays on spirituality and humanism's essence.

The Post Office: A play celebrating childhood's innocence.

The Gardener: Poetic ode to nature's beauty and love.

Shesher Kobita: Translated into English as the Farewell Song and The Last Poem.

10. The Champa Flower: A fun and whimsical poem where a boy turns into a flower.

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