8 best chocolates of 2024 to gift your partner this Chocolate Day
By True Scoop

The stunning packaging and the lingering flavor of luscious chocolate makes these the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion.

Christopher Elbow's Drinking Chocolate is grown-up, yet still approachable; the cool older sister to your childhood hot cocoa.

Compartés seamlessly draws upon familiar flavors and tailors them to contemporary, stylish candy bars.

Chocolove has it all: decadent, rich chocolate, high quality ingredients, ethically sourced cacao, and fair prices.

Bon Bon Bon's truffles’ fun, inventive flavors are meticulously and playfully decorated, and wrapped in their own individual box.

Dandelion Chocolate Factory offers dynamic chocolate bars with helpful notes to guide you through your tasting experience.

The caramels from Fran's Chocolates possess everything a caramel lover seeks in the perfect bite.

If feeling adventurous, C&C’s chocolates are filled with flavors from unusual ingredients like chile peppers, spices, flowers, and berries.

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