Dec 02 , 2023

8 Best Countries to Visit in December

By True Scoop

Alpine charm, festive markets, and snow-covered landscapes make Switzerland a magical winter wonderland in December.

Japan: Experience winter illuminations, hot springs, and traditional celebrations amidst serene landscapes and cultural richness.

Australia: Celebrate summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy beaches, outdoor activities, and vibrant holiday festivities down under.

Austria: Austrian Christmas markets, classical concerts, and picturesque snow-covered cities create a fairytale December experience.

Thailand: Escape winter with warm temperatures in Thailand. Enjoy beach resorts, cultural festivals, and exotic cuisine under the sun.

Iceland: Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, explore ice caves, and indulge in geothermal hot springs in December's Arctic beauty.

Mexico: Festive traditions, colorful markets, and mild weather make Mexico a lively and cultural destination for December travel.

New Zealand: Explore diverse landscapes, from beaches to mountains, as New Zealand welcomes summer with outdoor adventures and festivals.

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