Best immunity-boosting foods to add to your diet this winter

Amla Juice

Known as Indian gooseberry, this winter superfood is rich in nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. Amla boosts your inner body function to fight ailments and can be consumed in multiple forms.


Chyawanprash is the most common and effective immunity-boosting food in all seasons but must during winter to ensure the desired heat your body needs.


Rich in vitamins, Ghee is the best one needs to include in his/her diet. Rich in fats Ghee ensures a much-needed heat one’s body requires and keeps your digestive system fit.


A popular home remedy for a number of health ailments, the anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger consumption through tea, soup, or even raw works as your body’s shield during winter.


Jaggery or Gud helps in cleaning up your lungs besides, the best alternative to sugar, it helps in keeping your body warm in the winter ensuring essential safety during tough winter conditions.


The best solution to your winter sweet cravings, which offers additional safety from flu and cold. Made with wheat flour and other components, Panjiri not only smooths your skin but also keeps you warm.

Tulsi Leaves

An element of almost all households, Tulsi leaves are efficient in boosting your immunity instantly. It helps in rejuvenating your respiratory system and makes it healthier which is essential in winter.


Irrespective of age, A glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric must be added to the list of everyone while going to the bed. It provides relief from sore throat and infection common in winter.


Rich in Protein, Fiber, and Iron, the wholegrain consisting of millet, maize, and bajra is essential in winter to fight the street food cravings that badly affect your immunity.