6 Best Places to Experience Lohri Celebrations
By True Scoop

Punjab, India: Lohri's place of origin, Punjab hosts vibrant celebrations with bonfires, music, and traditional dances.

Delhi, India: The capital city showcases grand Lohri festivities, featuring cultural performances, delicious food, and lively gatherings.

Amritsar, India: The Golden Temple in Amritsar illuminates during Lohri, offering a spiritually enriched atmosphere for celebrations.

Haryana, India: Lohri in Haryana is marked by traditional rituals, folk music, and joyous community gatherings.

Chandigarh, India: This well-planned city combines urban sophistication with Lohri fervor, featuring bonfires, feasts, and cultural events.

Overseas Punjabi Communities: Lohri is celebrated globally by Punjabi diaspora, with festivities in places like Canada, the UK, and the USA.

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