Mar 16 , 2024

8 Best Places In Jalandhar For Photoshoots & Making Reel

By True Scoop

Jalandhar Cantt's Vajra Vatika Park depicts Punjab's culture & contribution to Indian Army.

If you are a true Jalandharite, a photoshoot near Cantt Lake can be magical.

If you want to make reels, then there are many spots between Jalandhar Heights and South City.

Situated at the Phagwara NH, Eastwood Village is the perfect example of modern Jalandhar.

Situated on Jalandhar-Phagwara NH, Rangla Punjab depicts the authentic culture of Punjab.

The famous eatery Haveli in Jalandhar can also be a perfect spot for reel making.

Aangan cafe will give you 'So Beautiful So Elegant' vibes when you visit it.

Based on the 'old world charm' concept, Retro by Cakewaali is in Jalandhar Model Town.

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