Best Startups at Shark Tank Season 2

Beginning of Shark Tank

Shark Tank season 2 began with a great thrill as it left season 1 with a ray of hope turning into reality for hundreds of budding entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank 2 best pitch

Many participants came in to seek funding, however, not all could impress the shark, meanwhile, a few turned out to be great, presenting some of the best startups so far in season 2.

Gear Head Motors

Gear Head Motors: Founded back in 2018 that deals in affordable electric bicycles and tricycles, the original ask was Rs 75 Lakh for 2%, although was finalized at 1 crore for 6.67% of the equity by Aman and Piyush.

Hoovu Fresh

Hoovu Flowers: A modern fresh flower business from Bangalore with an initial ask of Rs 80 Lakh for 1% of the company while finally settled with negotiations at Rs 1 crore for 2% with Aman and Piyush on board.

Dorje Teas

Dorje Teas: Organic tea brand founded in Darjeeling, originally ask for Rs 30 Lakh for 5% of the company’s equity, with three sharks Anupam, Piyush, and Vineeta deal settled at Rs 30 Lakh for 15% of the company.


Stage: Indore-based OTT platform founded by a group of three, originally ask Rs. 3 crores for 1% of the equity while, finalized at Rs. 1.5 crore for 0.6% equity and the rest 1.5 crores as debt by Aman, Namita, and Piyush.

Watchout Wearables

WatchOut Wearables: Kids Smartwatch brand that asked for Rs 2 crores for 5% while finalized at 1 crore for 10% equity while the remaining 1% as debt with Anupam and Vineeta on board.


BrandsDaddy: Founded in Mumbai the brand makes ‘Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball’ came in with an original ask of Rs. 70 Lakh for 5%, while Namita settled it for 35 Lakh for 5% while the remaining 35 Lakh as debt.


Haqdarshak: Latest entrant on the list, an educative govt scheme app, Shimla-based jumped in with an initial ask of 1 crore for 0.5% although got settled at 1 crore at 2% with Aman, Peyush, and Namita on board.