'From better sex to future prediction': 8 Unique gadgets unveiled at CES 2024
By True Scoop

Vivoo at Home UTI Diagnostic Test is one of the game-changing gadgets unveiled at CES 2024. It helps an app form of UTI diagnostic test kit bit in bathrooms.

Dutch startup Focus CEO Jard van Ingen informed that its AI model can predict the next major technology breakthrough based on global patent data.

Apolline Deroche, founder and CEO of Cappella, said her AI has over 95% accuracy rate in deciphering baby's cry.

Svakom, a China-headquartered sex toy maker, introduced its latest device that vibrates or moves in sync with whatever video content the user is watching.

The Abode Edge Camera has a Wi-Fi HaLow system made by Morse Micro, giving it over a mile of wireless range.

Supernal's eVTOL, the S-A2, a division of the Hyundai Motor Group is all-electric pilot-plus-four-passenger vehicle in the skies in next 4 years.

Brooklyn-based Looking Glass has been creating holographic displays for years, and its latest version is a compact 6-inch digital frame called the Looking Glass Go.

A new mobile operating system in town called Apostrophy OS, and it just debuted on the MC02, a $750 smartphone from the Swiss electronics company Punkt.

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