Mar 30 , 2024

3 Big ‘mess-ups’ by Artificial Intelligence

By True Scoop

Microsoft Chatbot ‘Tay’ (2016): Microsoft’s twiiter chatbot started tweeting random abusive epithets & controversial comments

“Tay,” which uses AI at its core, also made some Nazi comments like “Hitler was right” or “9/11 was an inside job”.

Uber Self Driving Car: In 2016, Uber conducted a test on self-driving cars in San Francisco without approval from California state regulations.

Uber’s autonomous vehicle ran six red lights in the city during their test ride.

Google’s ‘woke’ Gemini AI: A viral post showed the AI create an image of US Founding Fathers which inaccurately included a black man.

The firm paused Gemini after claims it was over-correcting against the risk of being racist.

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