Mar 11 , 2024

7 Biggest Surprises of Oscar 2024: John Cena no clothes, Emma Stone wardrobe fail..

By True Scoop

John Cena arrived at Oscars 2024 stage in no clothes to present best costume award. Cena used the envelope to cover his body parts.

In a rare sight, Ryan Gosling danced and sang Barbie anthem, "I'm Just Ken" at Oscars 2024.

Emma Stone suffered Wardrobe Malfunction when she walked onto the Oscar 2024 stage to receive best actress award.

Host Jimmy Kimmel brought his Mean Tweets segment at Oscars 2024 in which he read questionable message from Donald Trump.

Robert Downey Jr. won his first-ever Oscar Award in Best Supporting Role for movie Oppenheimer.

Jimmy Kimmel pulled out a 'drugs joke' on Robert Downey which did not go well on social media and the comedian faced criticism.

Liza Koshy who looked beautiful in her red gown at Oscars 2024 Red Carpet fell down horribly but she maintained her calm.

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