7 Bruce Lee Movies Released After His Death

Game of Death 1978 : This film was incomplete at the time of Bruce Lee's death, but it was finished using look-alike actors and released with re-shot scenes and footage from his previous films.

Game of Death II 1981 : Also known as "Tower of Death," this sequel continued the story from the first "Game of Death" and used additional footage of Bruce Lee.

The Silent Flute 1978 : Originally conceived as a collaboration between Bruce Lee and James Coburn, this martial arts film was reworked and released after Lee's death.

Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story 1974 : A documentary-style film that explores Bruce Lee's life and career.

The Young Bruce Lee 1980 : A biographical film about Bruce Lee's early years, with Bruce Li portraying him.

Bruce Lee, the Legend 1984 : Another documentary-style film that delves into Bruce Lee's life, featuring interviews and rare footage.

The Legend of Bruce Lee 2010 : A television series that covers the life and career of Bruce Lee, starring Danny Chan Kwok-kwan as Bruce Lee.