Sep 07 , 2023

Budget Bottles: Best Whiskey Options under INR 900 to Add to Your Home Bar

By True Scoop

Bagpiper (Price: INR 600): Endorsed by celebrities, it’s known for its caramel, oak, fruit, wood, molasses, and smoke notes. This whiskey matures in oak casks, resulting in a mellow golden pour and a smooth finish.

Signature Rare Aged Whisky (Price: INR 700): A blend of imported Scotch malts aged in bourbon and Oloroso sherry oak casks. It presents hints of freshly-cut grass, vanilla, cinnamon, malt, and oak in both aroma and taste.

McDowell’s No. 1 Deluxe (Price: INR 800): This whiskey, devoid of artificial flavors or recycled bottles, offers a golden amber pour with notes of wood, fruit, and smoke. It delivers a smooth, sweet, and toasty taste.

Royal Stag (Price: INR 900): Experts hail this as one of the best budget whiskeys. It combines oak-aged Scottish malts with Indian grain spirits, providing a smooth and complex taste with notes of oak and fruit.

Blenders Pride (Price: INR 900): A classic choice with a mellow and full-bodied profile, fusing Indian grain spirit with imported Scotch malts. It offers notes of butter, sweetness, peat, and fruit.

Finding good whiskey on a budget can be challenging, but there are some decent options available for under INR 900 in India.