Apr 23 , 2024

9 Budget Friendly Holiday Destinations

By True Scoop

Thailand: It is a true summer paradise for all explorers. It only costs 27,000-55,000 INR

Turkey: It is best visited in April and May when it’s pleasantly warm. The cost ranges from 50,000 - 80,000 INR

Singapore: Get ready to be enchanted with the captivating cityscape of Singapore in just INR 48,000

Vietnam: At a cost of 36,000 it is best explored from May to June with light showers and pleasant weather

Laos: The simplicity of Laos is perfect for those craving something quiet and it costs only 50,000

Indonesia: The scenic beauty of this place is something to die for at the cost of 36,000

Nepal: Here’s another great country that permits Indians without visas as cost of INR 45,000

Bangladesh: This neighbouring gem is a must-visit destination if you’re on a budget of 40,000

Burma: This picturesque location has a lot to offer in INR 30,000

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