8 business ideas to earn money with zero investments

Start your YouTube channel YouTube is the world's biggest video platform, and over 230 million people use YouTube. Create a YouTube channel on any topic. Make sure your content interests others, so that you can manage to earn.

Rent out your spare room In case you lack the capital to invest in a real estate, you can put that place on rent or partner with any rental company, such as Airbnb or VRBO to earn some extra money.

Rent your vehicle Another similar idea is to rent your vehicle and start earning your passive income. You can offer your vehicle for rent with services like Ola, Uber, Rapido without any major investment.

Sell designs online If you are good at designing things, then you can monetise your skills through platforms such as 99designs, Creative Market, ThemeForest, etc. These sites will help you generate your passive income.

Start your blog today If writing is your thing, then there couldn't be a better idea than investing in your own blog. You can share your thoughts, learning, or emotions with people and create an audience for your blogs.

Become a social media influencer In an era of the internet where social media is booming, becoming a social media influencer can be a life changer. If one knows how to use the art of social media, then he can make a huge sum of money.

Data Entry Jobs If you lack any professional skills or higher qualifications but have some knowledge of computers, then a data entry job is for you. These jobs pay on an hourly basis, hence, the more you work, the more you earn.

Home Cleaning Services People are very busy nowadays as they have engaged themselves in several activities at the same time and hence they prefer to hire a home cleaning service provider to clean their homes or offices.