Jul 10 , 2024

‘Can’t make Anushka-Virat’: Begum Sana gets trolled

By True Scoop

Sana Javed, wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, was again targeted by trolls.

While supporting Shoaib during a cricket match Sana encountered hate on social media.

She was seen supporting her husband during the 2024 World Championship Match of Legends, India vs. Pakistan.

Fans viewed her as the ultimate supporter throughout the match.

All the cameras were focused on her, showing her happiness and support for Shoaib.

Videos of Sana went viral, with comparisons to Anushka Sharma.

Some commented that Sana was copying Mrs. Kohli.

One user wrote she was trying to be like Virat and Anushka, while others stated they could never be them.

Their wedding photos in January 2024 surprised everyone, and they often face social media criticism.

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