10 Challenging Roads in Jalandhar, India, During Winter and Foggy Weather
By True Scoop

Jalandhar-Amritsar Highway: Reduced visibility and potential winter hazards.

Jalandhar-Pathankot Road: Hazards due to dense fog and slippery conditions.

Grand Trunk Road (NH3): Challenges posed by foggy conditions impacting traffic flow.

Jalandhar-Ludhiana Highway: Reduced visibility and potential winter disruptions.

Jalandhar-Hoshiarpur Road: Hazards due to slippery roads during winter.

Nakodar Road: Foggy weather affecting visibility on this route.

Phagwara Road: Slippery conditions and fog challenges for commuters.

Maqsudan Chowk to LPU Road: Challenges due to reduced visibility during dense fog.

Kapurthala Road: Fog-related disruptions and potential hazards.

Adampur Road: Hazards due to reduced visibility and winter conditions.

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