May 18 , 2024

9 Characters That Defined Friendship Goals

By True Scoop

Chandler & Joey: The most famous duo from ‘Friends’ that talks about bromance

Aditi & Naina: Despite contrasting personalities, their friendship is something that will never change

Bunny & Kabir: Each other support and care help them to grow in what they have been wanting to do for years

Miley & Lilly: They navigate the challenges of teenage life together, offering each other endless support

Monica & Rachel: From the highs and lows of their love lives to career struggles, their friendship stands strong

Kabir, Arjun, Imraan: Their bond is strengthened by heartfelt confessions, ability to forgive and move on

Raju, Farhan & Racho: Their friendship thrives on shared ambitions and unwavering support in every situation

Rani and Vijay Lakshmi: Friendship that empowers each other to embrace freedom and self-discovery

Akash, Sameer, Sidharth: Their enduring friendship navigates through conflicts and misunderstandings

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