Check out these 9 cool features coming soon on WhatsApp

Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp will soon roll out message disappearing features for web users in order to make your content more secure making it free from any threat.

New Chat Backgrounds

New chat backgrounds will be available for download soon. In the meantime, you can upload a photo from your phone’s gallery. This is a great way of adding personality and creativity to your chats.

Searching Contact

WhatsApp in its new feature update is set to roll out an upgraded style to browse the contacts which will be more efficient in searching than you do on the current updates on the app.

Upgrade in Status Update

In the new update, you will be getting the option to type 3000 characters on your WhatsApp status update, which is twice the limit we get in the current WhatsApp update.

Animated Stickers

More than what you currently use in the chats now the WhatsApp community will be rolling out a set of new animated stickers which will be making your chatting experience livelier.

Chat with Yourself

Chat with yourself, WhatsApp’s latest feature will let the user chat with the account holder, this is going to be a great option in case one needs to work on maintaining notes or keeping a record securely.

Icon for individual members

Setting profile icons for individual members in a group chat. You can see the DP of a group member in a WhatsApp group, however, if it is disabled due to privacy issues you can set individual icons based on wish.

Caption with Forwarded messages

The current features update will also be pushing an update to provide users with an option to include the caption in the texts and media you forward.

Blurring Images

The upcoming update will be providing users with an option to edit the image in terms of blurring and will allow you to share the pictures based on the modifications you make.