Sep 07 , 2023

Chennai to Bengaluru Train Ride to Shorten to 4 Hours

By True Scoop

Impact on Other Trains: Besides Vande Bharat, other trains like Shatabdi and Brindavan Express will also benefit from faster travel times, reducing the current six-hour journey.

Vande Bharat Benefits: The Vande Bharat train’s travel time will be cut by around 20 minutes, making the journey quicker and more efficient.

Increased Speed: The Indian Railways has allowed trains on the 144-km stretch between Arakkonam and Jolarpet to run at speeds of up to 130 kmph, up from 110 kmph.

Faster Commute: The Chennai to Bengaluru train journey is set to reduce to just four hours due to track and signal upgrades.

The Chennai to Bengaluru Train Journey Gets Faster: Now Just 4 Hours