10 Christmas Gifts Under Rs.500
By True Scoop

Personalized Mug: Custom coffee joy for your loved ones add a unique touch to mornings.

Cozy Socks: Warm feet, warm hearts perfect for chilly winter nights and holiday coziness.

Mini Indoor Plants: Green gifts that bring nature indoors compact and delightful for any space.

Handmade Soap Set: Aromatic indulgence pamper with natural scents for a spa-like experience.

Festive Candles: Illuminate celebrations with scented candles add a warm glow to holiday ambiance.

Customized Keychain: Carry personalized memories a small yet meaningful token for everyday use.

Christmas Ornaments: Decorate the tree with festive charm timeless ornaments for lasting memories.

Reusable Shopping Bags: Eco-friendly gifts for practical use stylish and sustainable for daily errands.

Desk Calendar: Stay organized in style a compact calendar for a productive and well-planned year.

Recipe Book: Culinary delight in a book inspire the chef with creative recipes for delightful meals.

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