Aug 11 , 2023

8 Up-and-Coming Colleges to Watch

By True Scoop

New College of the Humanities: Situated in London, this institution stands out for its collaboration with renowned academics, personalized teaching, and emphasis on interdisciplinary studies.

Colorado School of Mines: With a focus on energy, environment, and Earth sciences, Colorado School of Mines is gaining attention for its contributions to sustainable technology and resource management.

Spelman College: As a leading historically Black women's college, Spelman College is gaining prominence for its commitment to empowering women of color in various fields and creating a strong community of scholars.

Minerva Schools at KGI: Offering an innovative online-based curriculum and global rotation program, Minerva Schools at KGI is redefining higher education through its emphasis on active learning and real-world experience.

Bard College Berlin: With a liberal arts curriculum and a global perspective, Bard College Berlin is emerging as a hub for international students seeking a diverse and intellectually stimulating education.

Harvey Mudd College: Renowned for its strong focus on science, engineering, and mathematics education, Harvey Mudd College is gaining recognition for its innovative approach to STEM learning.

8 colleges with strong academics, growing reputations, and bright futures.