May 27 , 2024

10 Common Mistakes Parents Make with Children’s Homework

By True Scoop

Doing their homework: To save time parents tend to do their children’s homework, which is total no no

Micromanaging: Avoid constantly looking at your child while he/ she is doing the homework

Setting unrealistic expectations: Focus on your child’s development rather than getting perfect grades

Creating a rigid schedule: Let your child work at its own pace otherwise they will remain frustrated

Ignoring learning differences: If you think you child is facing difficulty in doing homework, help them

Using punishment: Associating punishments with not doing homework will only cause negativity

Overloading extracurricular activities: Burdening your children with co-curricular activities will make them not enjoy it

Comparison: Never compare your child’s grade or marks with other children

Not communicating with teachers: Keep in touch with your child’s teacher

Not promoting a positive attitude: Never make your children feel holiday as a boring chore

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