Top companies providing a 4-Day workweek to employees

Panasonic: The company decided in January 2022 to offer an optional three-day weekend for employees.

Bolt: It is a payment platform offering fraud protection and data management. They started four-day workweek in January 2022, giving every employee Friday to Sunday off.

Buffer: The social media managing company immediately moved to remote hiring and quickly adopted a four-day workweek beginning in May 2020.

Basecamp: It provides services to help other companies streamline communication and increase productivity. The company offers a four-day workweek to its employees

Goosechase: The company implemented a four-day workweek in June 2021

Nectafy: It is a company offering original and compelling content to different organizations. They adopted a 4 days’ workweek pre-pandemic in January 2020.

Uncharted: Uncharted implemented a seasonal 32-hour workweek in June 2020 to provide work and personal life balance to its employees

thredUp: It is an online shopping and clothing exchange company. The company began offering a four-day workweek in 2021