Apr 27 , 2024

9 Countries Where Alcohol Is Banned

By True Scoop

Afghanistan: Alcohol is prohibited due to religious and cultural beliefs, predominantly under Islamic law

Saudi Arabia: Strict Islamic law forbids the consumption, sale, and possession of alcohol

United Arab Emirates: Alcohol consumption is heavily regulated, and public intoxication can lead to legal consequences

Pakistan: Alcohol is banned for Muslims and heavily regulated for non-Muslims, with licenses required for purchase

Maldives: Islamic law prohibits alcohol for the local population, but it's available in resorts catering to tourists

Iran: Alcohol is strictly banned due to Islamic law, with severe penalties for possession and consumption

Somalia: Alcohol is illegal due to religious reasons, and its sale and consumption can lead to severe punishment

Yemen: Islamic law prohibits alcohol, and its consumption is considered a social taboo

Sudan: Alcohol is banned for Muslims, and although available for non-Muslims, it's heavily regulated

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