Jun 10 , 2024

10 Dangerous Cities in India to Avoid During the Hot Summer Weather

By True Scoop

Delhi: Extreme heatwaves, high pollution levels, and overcrowding.

Jaipur: Scorching temperatures often exceeding 45°C in summer.

Jodhpur: Severe heat with frequent temperatures above 40°C.

Ahmedabad: Intense heatwaves, high humidity, and poor air quality.

Nagpur: Extremely high summer temperatures reaching up to 48°C.

Varanasi: Oppressive heat combined with high humidity and pollution.

Lucknow: Searing heatwaves and high UV radiation levels.

Patna: Unbearable summer heat and poor urban infrastructure.

Agra: Excessive summer heat, often reaching dangerous levels.

Hyderabad: High temperatures and humidity, leading to discomfort.

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