8 dangerous diseases that are caused by burning firecrackers

The thick smoke generated even by the little sparklers after burning firecrackers can affect the respiratory tract, especially of young children.

The smoke that pollutes the air can make people's condition who are suffering from colds and allergies worse. Congestion of throat and chest are prime example

To produce colours when crackers are burst, radioactive and poisonous elements are used. It increases the risk of cancer in people through air.

The harmful fumes while firing crackers can lead to miscarriage. Hence, pregnant women are advised to stay at home.

Many instances have come to the fire that people lost their hearing sensation due to firecrackers with high frequency.

Stress, fear, and anxiety are also caused to the animals by sudden and loud bursting of firecrackers.

Studies have shown that chemicals released by firecrackers lead the animals and birds to feel a burning sensation.

Short-term exposures to polluted air can aggravate lung disease, causing asthma and acute bronchitis.

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