Jun 08 , 2024

10 Dangerous Fruits to Avoid in Hot Weather

By True Scoop

Lychee: May cause hypoglycemia, especially in hot weather conditions.

Mango: Can cause heat boils and digestive issues in heat.

Pineapple: May lead to throat irritation and heat rashes.

Durian: Can increase body heat, causing discomfort and dehydration.

Jackfruit: Difficult to digest, causing stomach issues in hot weather.

Rambutan: High sugar content can lead to dehydration and heat strokes.

Custard Apple: Can cause excessive body heat and digestive problems.

Grapes: Fermentation in heat can cause stomach upsets and bloating.

Papaya: Overconsumption may lead to excessive body heat and cramps.

Guava: Can cause throat irritation and dehydration in hot climates.

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