10 Dangerous Roads in Himachal Pradesh During Winter and Foggy Weather
By True Scoop

Rohtang Pass: Known for heavy snowfall and treacherous conditions.

Kullu-Manali Highway: Prone to avalanches and icy patches.

Leh-Manali Highway: High altitudes bring intense cold and snowstorms.

Shimla-Kinnaur Highway: Steep slopes and narrow passages increase risks.

Chanshal Pass Road: Limited visibility due to fog poses challenges.

Jalori Pass Road: Slippery roads and hairpin bends demand caution.

Sach Pass: Remote location, snow-covered paths, and low temperatures.

Spiti Valley Road: Isolation and harsh winter conditions make it perilous.

Chandigarh-Manali Highway: Fog can reduce visibility dramatically.

Narkanda-Hatu Road: Ice patches and snow make driving hazardous.

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