Apr 04 , 2024

Delicious Unknown Dishes Of Punjab

By True Scoop

Chhit: It is an immunity-boosting curry dish that also uses milk or curd, ginger garlic paste, minimal spices

Lahori Charga: A dry chicken dish, in which chicken is marinated in spices and further steamed, and then deep-fried

Shikar Da Achaar: Pickle made with quail meat, mustard oil, spices, and vinegar

Mutton Chaap Taka Tak: Made with mutton pieces marinated with ground garam masala and coriander, which are shallow fried until crisp

Gajjaraan Da Muraba: Dish made with carrots, sugar, salt, and spices, and is a sweet and tangy dish

Ganne Wale Chawal: It's a sweet rice preparation made with sugarcane juice, rice, ghee, and milk

Phulkari Pulao: The pulao is made with rich four different varieties of rice in a fixed proportion

Katambari Kebab: This delicious dish of Punjab is mouth melting and made up of mutton

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