Delightful Amritsari Culinary Creations: 5 Must-Try Recipes

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha: Stuffed potato bread, cooked in tandoor, served with chole – a North Indian delight.

Amritsari Chicken Tikka: Succulent chicken pieces marinated in spices, grilled to perfection – a spicy sensation.

Amritsari Dal Makhani: Creamy black lentils, slow-cooked with butter and cream, a rich and comforting Punjabi classic.

Amritsari Fish Curry: Fresh fish simmered in spicy tomato gravy, a coastal-inspired dish with Punjabi flavors.

Amritsari Lobia Curry: Black-eyed peas cooked in a flavorful tomato-based gravy, a nutritious and delicious vegetarian option.