Discover Chandigarh: 10 Hidden Beauties Unveiled

Rock Garden: Recycled art paradise with sculptures from industrial waste.

Sukhna Lake: Serene waterside haven, perfect for boat rides and relaxation.

Rose Garden: Asia’s largest, bursting with vibrant blooms and fragrant roses.

Elante Mall: Shopping haven, diverse retail options, and entertainment under one roof.

Le Corbusier Center: Explore the architect’s vision in this informative cultural center.

Capitol Complex: UNESCO site with modernist architecture, reflecting Chandigarh’s urban design.

Terraced Garden: Blooming flowers, fountains, and tranquility in a well-maintained green space.

Sector 17 Plaza: Lively commercial hub featuring shops, eateries, and vibrant street life.

Government Museum: Cultural journey through diverse exhibits and historical artifacts.

Cactus Garden: Asia’s largest collection of cacti, showcasing arid plant beauty.

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