Discover the Hidden Gems of Marwari Snacks: 7 Unique Namkeens

Kalmi Vada: Crispy and flavorful lentil fritters seasoned with spices like cumin, fennel, and chili, shaped like small discs.

Moong Dal Chakli: Spiral-shaped snacks made from moong dal (split green gram) and spices, perfect for munching.

Daal Pakwan: A delicious combination of deep-fried wheat crisps (pakwan) served with spicy chana dal (split chickpea) topped with chutneys.

Bikaneri Bhujia: A famous spicy snack made from gram flour and spices, known for its unique texture and taste.

Sev Tamatar: A delightful snack featuring crispy sev (gram flour noodles) served with a spicy tomato curry.

Papad Ki Sabzi: A unique dish where papads (thin, crispy lentil or potato discs) are simmered in a flavorful yogurt-based gravy.

Gujia: A sweet and savory pastry stuffed with a mixture of lentils and spices, deep-fried to perfection.