Diwali 2023 : 10 Eco-Friendly ways to Celebrate

LED Lights: Use energy-efficient LED lights and lamps to illuminate your home while reducing power consumption.

Clay Diyas: Opt for traditional clay diyas over plastic ones to minimize environmental impact.

Natural Rangoli: Create vibrant rangoli designs with biodegradable materials like flower petals and rice flour.

Donate to Charities: Support eco-friendly charities or environmental causes to promote sustainability during Diwali.

Plant Trees: Plant a tree or engage in tree-planting initiatives to offset carbon emissions from festivities.

Homemade Sweets: Prepare homemade sweets and snacks to reduce packaging waste and promote healthy eating.

Eco-conscious Gifts: Give gifts that are sustainable, such as handmade or upcycled products, reducing waste.

Limit Waste: Minimize waste by recycling, composting, and using reusable utensils and dinnerware for your celebrations.