Apr 04 , 2024

Easily Available Food To Fight Acne

By True Scoop

Fruits and Vegetables: You must have plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in Vitamin C and E

Salmon: Food rich in fatty acids have anti inflammatory properties that make the acne subside

Yoghurt or Kimchi: These products increase your microbiome make your skin clear

Quinoa: These reduce the acne skin to flare up

Nuts: Increases your immune system and helps body to fight acne bacteria

Green Tea: Contains antioxidants and is very beneficial for acne prone skin

Turmeric: Add this to your food, soups, and drinks and you will feel your skin getting clearer

Water: Drinking right amount of water is very important to keep your face hydrated

Green Vegetables: Food rich in Vitamin A helps to remove acne scars from the face

Lentils: Food with low glycaemic index are really beneficial for acne skin