The 8 Most Enigmatic Miracles of Lord Krishna one must know

Lifting of Govardhan Hill: Krishna lifted the massive Govardhan Hill on his little finger to protect the residents of Vrindavan from Lord Indra’s wrathful rains.

Draupadi’s Sari Miracle: Krishna miraculously extended Draupadi’s sari to save her honor when Dushasana attempted to disrobe her in the court of Hastinapura.

Subduing the Serpent Kaliya: Krishna danced on the multi-hooded serpent Kaliya’s head and forced the serpent to leave the Yamuna River, purifying it.

Creation of Infinite Universes: In a divine display of his cosmic form, Krishna revealed to Arjuna that he is the creator of infinite universes, galaxies, and beings.

Resurrecting Parikshit: Krishna’s teachings were instrumental in reviving the life of Parikshit, the Kuru king, who had been cursed to die by a snake bite.

Blessing Sudama: When his childhood friend Sudama visited him in Dwarka, Krishna blessed him with immense wealth and prosperity.

Ras Leela: Krishna’s enchanting dance with the gopis under a full moon night is considered a divine miracle, symbolizing his divine love and bliss.

Killing of Demoness Putana: As an infant, Krishna sucked the life out of the demoness Putana, showcasing his divine power from a very young age.