May 06 , 2024

9 Famous Bollywood Stars Who Are Chainsmokers

By True Scoop

Sushmita Sen: She is a chain smoker not only on screen but also in real life

Priyanka Chopra: During her birthday celebration, the actress was seen lighting a cigar

Ranbir Kapoor: He is infamous for his smoking habits especially during shoots

Rani Mukerjee: She is addicted to smoking that she cannot stay away from it even for a single day

Shah Rukh Khan: He has also been fined several times for being caught smoking in the public

Ajay Devgn: He smokes regularly and confesses that quitting smoking isn’t easy for him

Hritik Roshan: He used to smoke continuously while he shot for his film Guzarish

Salman Khan: To control his cravings to smoke, he puts a cigarette in his mouth, but doesn’t light it

Sanjay Dutt: He was a chain-smoker until he decided to quit everything in one go

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